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LLRC 3-Rail Layout, Part 2

Various LLRC members
MVC-005S MVC-006S MVC-007S MVC-008S MVC-009S MVC-010S
MVC-005S.jpg MVC-006S.jpg MVC-007S.jpg MVC-008S.jpg MVC-009S.jpg MVC-010S.jpg
MVC-011S MVC-012S MVC-013S MVC-014S MVC-015S
MVC-011S.jpg MVC-012S.jpg MVC-013S.jpg MVC-014S.jpg MVC-015S.jpg

On or about 8:00pm on October 4, 2001 we ran Lionel, AF, & Marx 3 rail trains on our new 3 rail modular layout. Persons present were; Dick Desens, Gerald Karstens, Tom Wiprud, Danny Wiprud, Stan Koci, & Bruce Crosby. We ran trains until 10:00pm and then went home with the intent of gathering together on Sat October 6, 2001 to wire up the switch machines, blocks, & uncouplers.