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Terry Davis

LLRC Member since: ?

Terry Davis

Hutchinson, MN
Clubs & Organizations

Founded Luce Line Railroad Club Inc., Nov. 1993. Past president (1998-2000) and newsletter editor for several years.
National Model Railroad Association since 1990
Thousand Lakes Region/NMRA since 1990 (Currently public relations chair-2003)
Prairie Lakes Divison of TLR/NMRA since 1990 (Currently Asst. Supt.-2003).
Minnesota River Valley Division of TLR/NMRA since 1992 (served several years as newsletter editor.)
Chicago & North Western Historical Society since 1994
Great Northern Railway Historical Society since 1994
Milwaukee Road Historical Association since 1994
Soo Line Historical & Technical Society since 1995
Milwaukee Road Heritage Center, Montevideo, MN

 Model & Protoype Interests

Modeling interests:
Minnesota railroads of the 1950s and 1960s, including C&NW, CGW, M&StL, GN, Milw. Rd., and Soo Line.

Prototype interests:
Photos and/or articles published in the NMRA Bulletin, TLR FUSEE and division newsletters.
Have taken more than 12,000 railroad slides since 1990. Photos, articles or news items published in about 10 books and many times in such magazines as Trains, Railfan & Railroad, CTC Book Railroads Illustrated and Pacific RailNews, as well as in rail historical publications C&NWHS North Western Lines, GNRHS Goat, and Milwaukee Railroader. Have presented dozens of slide shows at model and railroad historical society annual conventions.

Home Layout

HO scale: "Cat Creek Central"
4 feet x 8 feet
Atlas Code 100 NS track.
Eight turnouts (six powered).
Block cab control for two train operation using MRC Tech II 2500 packs.
About 20 percent scenicked.

N scale: "Cleveland, Mankato & Eastern"
40 inches x 6 feet
Block cab control. One train operation using MRC Tech II 1440 pack with MRC sound system.
Atlas NS track on 3M double-sided foam tape on a 1-inch foam insulation board base on 1/4-inch plywood.

Six powered turnouts.
About 95 percent scenicked.
This very portable (displayed at many shows) and very detailed layout was featured in the Nov. 1999 issue of the NMRA Bulletin. Features trains from Milwaukee Road, C&NW, Omaha Road Chicago Great Western and Minneapolis & St. Louis, all lines within 15 miles of Cleveland (Milwaukee Road served Cleveland.)

Z scale: "Unnamed at this point"
3 feet x 4 1/2 feet
Construction just beginning (March 2003). Plans call for a single-track main line (Marklin and Micro Trains track) that loops over itself with a considerable section hidden in a mountain through a tunnel. Great Northern trains from MT will be operated on this layout. Designed to be very portable using light-weight foam board as its base scenery material.

Favorite Hobby Shops

None since R&R Hobbies closed in St. Cloud. (The rest could all could learn a thing or two about customer service and being friendly!)

Favorite Internet Resources

The best general sources of model railroad information are still Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman magazines and the how-to books produced by Kalmbach Publishing.

Favorite Web sites are:
or the Web sites for the rail historical societies: