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Membership Directory

Member photos and biographies will be added as they are submitted.


Inclusion in the web listing is strictly voluntary,
in order to protect members' privacy.

Club Officers
Vice President/Secretary

Jonathan Crosby

Andrew Zellmann

Stan Koci

(only NMRA members listed)

Mark Braun
(Just kidding - that's not really Mark!!!)

Steve Jerabek

Bruce Crosby

Charles Olesen

Wally Daffner

Gerald Karstens

Dick Desens

Don Eich

Cletus Fuenffinger

Larry Graf

Paul Henke

Bob Holien

John Bratt

John Larsen

Dennis Moore

Austin Peterson

Walt Ring

Dan Sargent

David Zachmeyer

Scott Johnson

Anthony Wood

Members and Club Officers as of: October 16, 2008